The 1st ICACHI Board Members (May 2012 - April 2014)

Board Members
Xiangshi Ren, Professor, School of Information, Kochi University of Technology
Hong Z. Tan, Professor, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Purdue University, Senior Researcher & Manager, HCI Group, Microsoft Research Asia
Ping Zhang, Professor, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Association for Information Systems Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction (AIS THCI), Syracuse University
Yun Yang, Professor, Swinburne University of Technology
Xialong (Luke) Zhang, Associate Professor, The Pennsylvania State University
Xiaowen Fang, Associate Professor, DePaul University
Henry B.L Duh, Professor and Co-director, National University of Singapore
Wei Li, Sr. Research Scientist, Autodesk Research
Jingtao Wang, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh  
Yang Wang, Research Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University
Yunan Chen, University of California – Irvine   
Xiaojun Bi, Postdoctoral Researcher, Google Inc.
Xiaojuan Ma, Postdoctoral Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University    
Minghui Sun, Postdoctoral Researcher, RIKEN
Dingyun Zhu,  Postdoctoral Researcher, The Australian National University 
Zhigang Deng, Assistant Professor, University of Houston
Xiang Cao,  Research Staff, Microsoft Research Asia   
Shengdong Zhao, Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
Mike Chen, Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University   
Qiping Zhang, Long Island University
Huahai Yang,  Research Staff, Associate Professor, IBM Research      
Jun Xiao,  Research Staff, 3M
Qianying (Jane) Wang, Lenovo 
Chunyuan Liao,  Research Scientist, FXPAL
Yang Li, Research Staff, Google Research
Yuechuan She, Research Staff, Facebook
Diana Yifan Xu, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Central Lancashire
Xiaojun Yuan, Assistant Professor, Ualbany, SUNY 
Gong Zhang, Leader & Principal Researcher, Huawei Noah’ Ark Lab,HCI&SYS group