icahci vision

The International Chinese Association of Computer Interaction (ICACHI) was established on May 10th, 2012 in Austin, Texas (during the CHI2012 conference). The association board consists of 27 scholars in the field of Human Computer Interaction. All the board members, including two supervisors, are Chinese scholars living and working overseas. 

The functions of the association (as illustrated in the Figure) are to assist members in developing their careers, to raise their social status in their countries of residency, and to contribute to human society. ICACHI is an open, transparent, and purely academic community. It is the first academic association which specializes in Human Computer Interaction and which is created by Chinese scholars from around the world.

Almost like water and air, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) exists ubiquitously in our daily lives. HCI is a discipline concerned with the design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use and with the study of major phenomena surrounding them. It has been recognized as an important research field. It also plays a critical role in many other areas including Computer Science and Information Science. It aims to facilitate communication between humans and computers, which is critical to the creation of a harmonious information society in the 21st century.

Broadly speaking, HCI researches how humans interact with information space, which can smoothly connect the virtual world created by computers and the real world. On this basis, it is sure that HCI will be researched in more breadth and depth, and applied to daily practice, and this will certainly introduce huge changes to our world in the future. We believe our association, and HCI, will have a bright future through the endeavors of our members.

To join ICACHI, please visit here. Please also ensure you have read and agree to ICACHI membership agreement.